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10:14 p.m. - 2003-11-17
who will your gun kill?
Iíve started playing chess with my roommates. Itís vexing to get beaten at games of intellect when you call yourself ďthe smartsĒ.

Man, did I ever have the bubonic flu last week! Every time I sat on throne it sounded like someone turning over a gallon bucket of water into a full bathtub.

My lilí helper at work quit a few weeks ago. They have yet to find me another helper, and each passing day of working alone has me missing his little fall-off-of-a-peer-drunk-on-a-Thursday-night-even-though-we-have-a-long-day-on-Friday ass more and more.

Diaryland you say. Hmm. Iím afraid Iíve blown my wad as it were. I used to love this place right here, click clacking at the keyboard, telling the world how stupid I think it is, or how stupid I am. Now?

One of Beanís students was murdered this weekend. He was just fifteen, arguing over a stolen car. I think there are a lot of things that deserve good portions of the blame for this kind of shit, but one that I would still like the second amendment folks out there to explain to me is how it is possible to support a law that makes it possible for a fifteen year old to have a gun in his hands. Yes, the parents should haveÖ, sure the kid was running with a badÖ, the founding fathers this and fucking that. Fuck it. The gun that was used to kill him served the exact purpose it was intended for. It ended one human life at the hands of another. Designed, built, shipped, sold, purchased, probably stolen, sold again, loaded and fired. Success.

Someone explain it. But before you do, stick this in your fucking craw. The second amendment was not intended for you to have a glock so you can kill a burglar. It was so the public would be able to protect themselves from our own government in case *ahem* they became a tyranny. I know Iíve been over this before, but look at it this way, N. Korea has reason to fear the U.S. military, and they have nukes, so you might as well take your glock and give it to a fifteen year old.


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