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11:35 p.m. - 2004-03-11
I could have been watching TV

I decided my time on the injured list would be put to good use by starting the get rich quick ball rolling.

I mentioned in these pages years ago about my superior intellect and all the ideas it affords me. (Perhaps you recall this gem?) One of these ideas is for a top secret invention that will change the face of the CENSORED industry as we know it. In the many, many months since the brainstorm that brought this idea to me, I have spent numerous hours not doing shit to research patent, marketing or development of the product. Recently though, while sitting in front of the old idiot box, a sign was sent from whoever sends signs to us atheists.

The Invention Submission Corporation through a commercial promised to help eager inventors, not unlike myself, patent and submit ideas to corporations that are chomping at the bit to make folks independently wealthy.

I contacted them, and they called me back to make an appointment for a confidential analysis of my invention.

TV, my best friend, had not only brought me this opportunity, but also many reruns of The Honeymooners. With this under my belt I knew that the blue-collar worker who tried to change his lot in life would likely be thwarted at every step, so I booked my appointment with full on scam guard up.

Oh, yes my friends, scam it was. You see, they wanted me to pay them $950 to make a fucked up third grade book report thing that would supposedly be presented to developers. Then, they wanted more money to do a patent search, and make a cd rom that would help in the next phase. Then, for only $14,000, they would use their vast data bank of companies to find interested parties, and maybe, just maybe, I could be the 19th costumer in their 20 years of business to make back more money than I paid them.

Fuck off ISC.

When I got home and looked up their company on the internet I found dozens of reports of class action lawsuits and complaints.

Yes, good use of my time off it was.


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