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1:22 p.m. - 2004-03-16
Neither of them ring because everyone else is at work!
What would you do if you had two weeks off of work, the most beautiful weather you have seen in years, and couldnít adequately use your dominant hand due to a bad case of the tendonseveritus?

For real, I need some ideas because I have become so reliant on work to fill my days with interesting problems to solve, and tasks to accomplish that I am at a total loss. I have read several books whilst sitting in a sunbeam in the park. I have taken a good nap or two. I did a bunch of errands and shit.

Now what?

MY wee sis Kaf made me a gift of three of her prints that she took for a school assignment. They are awesome. I framed and hung them on my wall but the most excitingest part was going to see those same three prints showing at the red devil lounge with little price tags that asked $200 each. Donít you get it? I have $600 worth of art on my wall! I was thinking about putting a little note by her exhibit with my number saying I would sell all three for $200 because I could always get more for my wall from her later, but I didnít have a pen.

I saw the movie Secret Window on the weekend. The thing of it is, I like Johnny Depp and really like John Turturro and in retrospect the movie sucked except for their performances. If anyone else had been in their roles I would have prolly walked out, but even for me, the movie hating humbug, they made it entertaining.

AT&T, in their way, screwed me yet again. I finally broke down and bought a new cell phone because my old one was all fucked up from being used at work, and of course, two days after I bought it, and one day after putting a scratch in it making it un-returnable, I got a certificate in the mail for a free phone.

So now I got two phones.

Man Iím bored.


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