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8:39 p.m. - 2004-04-05
Planet of the Apes indeed
Well, ol hecka found out he is not ready to date yet.

I met two women this past weekend, and they were both cool, intelligent and beautiful. I even went out on a date with one of them, movies, food, walk around lake Merritt in Oakland.

The problem is, the more that they liked me, the more angry I became. It is twisted, and just makes made me realize I have some more getting over the past left to do.

The one I went out with yesterday is just my type, well read, articulate, and African. Not African American, she is actually African. Beautiful, and real as fuck. She liked me too, and yet as I was sitting with her, I couldnít help but be pissed.

Why the fuck did they ultimately give me up in the past?

I was honest with both of the women I just met, and honest with myself most importantly, and while I wish I could get caught up with someone else to distract myself right now, it would just mean pain in the future for someone. I canít be that selfish.

Iím such a fucking pussy that way.

In closing, hereís some comic relief:



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