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9:49 p.m. - 2004-04-12
Or some newer funner ones at least.
Ahh…it’s a rough one.

Trust. Learning to trust myself again.

I had a busy weekend, rife with meetings that originated on the internet. I met three women for the first time, and of those, two ended up having a connection to my real life some how. One was actually in the same graduating class of the So-Cal high school as ol Bean. Another is a colleague of one of my roommates. But in the good sort of it’s a small world after all, I also met up with Betabitch again and had a blast, only to find out that one of her friends is a former customer of mine.

Beta is just about the fucking coolest. She invited me to attend an evening of beveragating at the watering hole where her lady-friend attends to the pouring. I watched her wax a few fellow patrons at pool, and we discussed things of substance and interest. I have never been to a “dyke” bar before, but I liked it a lot. She introduced me to her friends and there can’t be any relations easier than that between a straight guy and lesbians. For real, no sexual tension or need to be impressive, no undercurrent of competition. Just folks being folks.


But, back to the relationships filled with sexual tension, and all that other shit…it sucks. I really am going to back the fuck off for a while, no more mistakes allowed, Bub.


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