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1:32 p.m. - 2004-12-26
No double entendres about pussy, that’s too base even for my ass.

I am in the great white north, AKA Canada visiting my moms and brother and grand parents for the holidays. Wee sis is my travel companion. We started the journey at my Nana’s house in Victoria. This has been known to be a stressful local for the family in the past, but this year not quite so much. It was fine, in fact. The only downside being boredom and such. I mean, how many hours of enjoyment can one get viewing the reflection of their genitals in their Nana’s magnification mirror in the bathroom thinking "Damn, now THAT would be hung, yo"? Right, only four or five.

Before I left the Sucka Free I finished my orientation with the SFSPCA. I am volunteering there as a surrogate lap for all the kitties to sit on until they find homes of their own. It’s pretty nice. There are fuzzy little ones who hiss and get all halloween’d out when you walk by, big ol fat ones who cut the circulation to your feet when they climb up on you, yappy ones who just want to meow your ear off, and the ones that are so happy to see you they start to purr before you even touch them.

I like it. One nice thing about the SFSPCA is it is a no kill shelter. They get over 2600 cats placed in homes each year, including over 1000 kittens.

That’s the end of the Public Service Announcement. I just like petting cats is what it comes down to.


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