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11:56 a.m. - 2005-02-03
Hmm...if that movie w/ Danny Davito and our honorable govenor is right about twins, they must be TINY...

I've been plagiarized. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!

I like most dorks, can’t get enough of checking my stats to see what funny google searches brought folks to my lil diary. World’s longest poo…apes fucking women…all sorts of stuff that I never wrote about and am glad that I don’t have expertise on, or experience with.

Well today some poor sap was looking to score a gift for his sweetheart (giving himself a good head start I might add) for valentines day. You know by now my sense of humour is so base that I think it is a laugh riot to spell stuff wrong, mispronuskiate words, and butcher the language in various annoying ways IRregardless of (in an attempt to cultivate) the fist shaking it causes. Well one of my little pets is always calling Valentines day, Vallentimes day. This thoughtful gift and card googling fella actually calls it vallentimes. I like that fact whole shitload, but it doesn't help his internet searching. Therefore instead of flowers, and chocolates, and certificates to prove you have named a star after someone, he got my pile of junk.

Ha-ha! Let’s go to google and see what else is listed when you are super sweet, if not a super speller!


Three are me, in this entry, the original entry and a guestbook harassment, but the rest…is someone who is living a life parallel to mine. Poor fucker. Maybe he/she is the good twin. Maybe the other part of my split personality keeps a blog this half doesn’t know about. Whatever the fuck.

I clicked on his/her link, but finding past entries takes more figuring out than I care to scratch my head over, so I just wrote about it instead.


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