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Dirty motherfucking ratter. Stick your bitch ass head in the cookie batter.

The amusement wore off. Now Iím foot-stompiní, vigorous-head-shakiní-, hurl-obscenities-toward-the-clouds mad!

That is not really polite. I spent an agonizing time negotiating the crap perpís crap blog, and using my superior sleuthing was able to ascertain that the person is fucked up. They took random things from me, and repeated them in DOZENS of entries. On three different blogs. They seem to have had an affiliation with diaryland, but ran away after drama of unexplained character. They also took random lines from a few other people that I was able to figure out, and for all I know the entire thing is taken from one of you!

The best part is when they are talking about how they should be able to use their site as a reference to get a job because they designed and wrote it all by themselves. And also amusing in a ball my fist up sort of way is the entry dedicated to the word ďcopyĒ.

Thatís a hell of a thing. A hell of a thing.


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