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4:44 a.m. - 2005-02-05
Woo-hoo! My next sammich is on Phil Gordon!
Okay, fuck copy catters and what not.

In better news it is 4:38 am, and I just played Phil Gordon heads-up in a no limit hold’em sit and go tourney online. What this means, besides I am fucking sick at poker, is he and I each put up $10 and played each other one on one winner take all. I killed him. His record for the night at this moment is 6 and 1. I am the motherfucking one.

I own and read his book for chrissakes! Twice even!

He has an interest in the site I play on so he, and other pros, go on to play amongst the gushing fans. First he was playing at the nickel/dime no limit ring game. I sat down there and bluffed him and everyone else out of a pot with a 7, 2 off-suit. That is the very worst hand possible. I thought that was enough, but when I beat him heads up I knew it meant only one thing—he wasn’t joking about being smashed.

Still, a drunk Phil Gordon can be scratched off my hit list.


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