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10:42 p.m. - 2005-02-07
akes sense, doesn't it? I mean they would have to be a pretty good actor, they answered a lot of questions....and really, who would they pay to do that?...I guess it could be done, but that seems like even more work than just being on the
My favorite, and very lovely internets skeptic raised an interesting question:

How do I know it was really Phil Gordon and not just some person who knows how to spell Phil Gordon?

*now that I have started typing this explanation, I realize it is going to be very uninteresting and would probably be better delivered verbally to beta herself. but fuck it. na’mean?

Well, as a feller who is oft the naysayer myself, and in fact doesn’t necessarily believe shit stinks even after I smell it once or twice, I am not offended at all at this line of questioning. My answer is simply this, Phil Gordon and other top pros are raking in money hand over fist with this poker site endeavor. Part of the draw of their site above others is the fact that you can play in games with them. In order to indicate that it is in fact them, they have special I-cons that are cartoon likenesses of them, their chat and names show up in a different color, and they offer a $50-100 bounty if you can knock them out of a tournament.

“But Hecka, you dumb little fuck, how do you know it is not just a hired support team pretending to be them in order to drum up the business of gullible shits like you? “ you may ask.

Let me answer first by saying, cussing makes baby Jesus cry, asshole. Second, I can’t be for sure –for sure, but these guys all have very large, and well-deserved egos and I can’t see them compromising their image by letting someone with less skill represent them.

In conclusion, in order to enjoy this medium we call the internets, it is imperative that we take all information garnered from them with a healthy measure of skepticism. If not, we can end up bragging about beating a fourteen year old at online poker, or masturbating vigorously to an instant messenger of A/S/L unknown. The internets are powerful tools; they can bring the news of the world to your front door, or help you find the lyrics to Spider-man winning you a $1.00 bet. You can look at nekkid folks, you can STEAL OTHER PEOPLES’ WRITING AND PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN, or perhaps even meet a wonderful drinking buddy.

I prefer to gamble myself into the poor house in the comfort of my boxer-briefs.

So you see Beta, one can never be certain, but in this young mans mind, making him wonder too many times if he was duped or not will likely have him start to bang his head against the monitor and drool on the key board droning “I’m good at poker…I’m good at poker…I’m good at poker…” and leave him to look forward to padded rooms and rice pudding Wednesdays.


Good, let us never speak of the possibility again.


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