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9:26 p.m. - 2005-05-05
Youíre not there yet, fuck you too, chill the fuck out and leave me the fuck alone. Leave me the fuck alone. Leave me the fuck alone.That's everybody.
Things were getting slow around here. What with sooner narrowly losing his bid to become pope thereby dashing my hopes of a good few years of thwarting his Papal patrol, I was looking at a long summer.

So I made me somthiní. Now I am here to show off its beauty.

Itís a poker table looky here:

And here:

From scratch bitch. Upholstered, padded, poker perfection.

Sharon and my roommate Cutty helped and it took a mere six and a half hours.

*Bows to deafening applause*

But that was only six and a half hours with many more left to go. So I got me a night job as a prospect player in a local Indian casino. Thatís right, I get paid to play cards with corporations money.

*Bows once more*

Right now Iím just playing blackjack, but soon Iíll be all up in the Pai Gow poker and Tiles. I get to wear a tie. And call people mommy and papa, a California casino custom. They pay me $17 an hour, and free meals and dental, medical and vision, 50% match on 401k (up to 6% of your salary) as well as paid vacations and sick days.

Donít make sense, do it?

The other job is slowly beginning to lift off of the ground, so as it gains steam I should be able to juggle both for a while.

My sister was telling me about secret U.S. military plans for unconventional weapons that would promote homosexual tendencies in enemy troops, among other things. She then allowed that they should drop me in enemy camps and every crazy woman in a 50-mile radius will come crawling out of the woodwork.


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