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4:37 p.m. - 2005-06-29
That moron never held a copy of the Koran, let alone read it.
I am a hate magnet in the year 2005.

My last shift at the casino had me sitting with a man who preferred to call me “Jew-boy” to my actual name, which is practically Jew-boy anyway. He talked about how they, meaning myself and the worldwide Semites, are not fooling him. He knows what we are up to.

He mentioned the holocaust several times, said he liked what the Muslim folks are up to in the Middle East, the Koran being right about a lot of things, blah, blah, blah.

My first reaction was fury, but I used the opportunity to practice keeping my cool, even though I hardly think I should be expected to in this situation. The pit boss was informed, but their only reaction was to come by the table for a minute or so during which time the coward would shut his mouth.

Now, I am not well known for keeping my own fool mouth shut, even in situations where I am obviously out sized, numbered, muscled. But I did. Because I kept being told that he was on the brink of being banned by the pit boss if he said “one more thing”.

He said more than one more thing. He alluded to my assassination, mentioned that he will be back for me, whisper shouted to another guy while looking at me that he should kill me, and said he was going to kick my ass and that I would suffer.

And I still kept quiet. For six fucking hours.

It was all sparked when as part of my job I caught a dealer mistake that had him keeping $15 he should have paid to another customer. Everyone at the table was thankful because a dealer mistake right before I started my shift caused a half hour scene that included this racist motherfucker yelling that he knew the dealer was a cheater over and over again (even though he was not involved in the hand in question). So when the young woman who he was trying to hit on with no chance in hell said “thank you Elijah, we need to keep it right in here” he said, “I don’t need to thank no Jew-boy. Watch this next hand Jew-boy”

The girl got up and started walking away and ignored him when he tried to stop her.

So you see, he really did have reason to hate me.

1. I costed him $15 dollars he wanted to cheat another player out of.
2. His fantasy of bedding the woman who had no interest in him was shattered cuz I made him show himself as a racist asshole in front of her.
3. As part of the Zionist Occupational Government I am pulling strings to keep him down and out so he only has $15 instead of $50 to lose per bet on a Sunday night in the casino.
4. All that hater-ade he be drinking.

I have been exposed to anti-Semitism before, but mostly through moronic comments not directed at me, or on the internet. This was a little different, though. For one thing, I had to, or thought at the time I had to keep my mouth shut. Had I known that the pit-boss was going to allow this guy to stay for ¾ of my shift I would not have been able to keep quiet. But I did. I sat there and took his shit for hours.

Eh. No conclusion to this story.


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