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7:01 a.m. - 2005-07-08
In the buildin and I'm feelin diligent.
If a giant were to reach into my window and grab me by the scruff of my shirt, yank me out into the cool air where he could hold me right at eye level while I squirmed and wiggled in front of his nose Id wager his commentary would be along the lines of Awwww, look at the little feller, hes plum tuckered out!

Cuz Im tired, bub.

What makes this so? you might enquire. Lack of quality sack time and sap worthy endeavors, i.e. working. Not to mention all the extra diligence I have been doling out at the request of the commander and chief. I have been working, missing my beauty sleep and steadfast in my resolve to be extra diligent. I was so diligent today I almost hyper extended and sprained one of my organs. But thats what happens when you are super duper diligent.

Effin Bush. Its like fucking street slang for politicians. Diligent and resolve is the equivalent of hyfie or krunked in the world of hip-hop. The difference is I know how to be krunked and hyfie (you know thats right), but honestly I dont know how to add any extra diligence to my day to day.

Im finna hit the hay.


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