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7:50 a.m. - 2005-07-12
The bad part is it against company policy to hump the exceptions and I already have two verbal warnings.
Fuck, MAN!.

Eyes: closed
Prissy eye mask: firmly affixed to face
State of dress: drawers
Blankets, quilts, covers: cozy under
Sound emanating from snot-piece: snores
Dreaming of: something that would have Freud believe Iím gay prolly
Happy because: Itís my effin night off
Woken by: Bossí phone call telling me Iím on the schedule and am late

So off I fuck to the workplace to get my sixth day in and second verbal warning. The verbal warnings are written down on a form titled ďverbal warningĒ. I decided it wasnít prudent to explain why that is incredibly fucking moronic to the boss, seeing as he already had the file with the blank verbal warning forms in his hand and all. He could easily yank out another one and tell me sumthin else.

So Iím late, working on my former day off, warned, a little groggy thanks to my state of wake-upedness and therefore a little cow-lick-headed, neck-tie askew grump truck who is already in too much trouble to risk expressing the fact by stomping my foot and calling someone a name. All this and then the coup de grace, they switched to generator power meaning the ventilation was defunct and the room had no way of being de-funked.

Yeah, I know. Wah, wahÖbaby Eli.

Anyway there is a pit boss at work name of Woody. He is crazy full of shit all the time. It is actually quite amazing how many things he will tell you about that are absolutely wrong. Itís not in an exaggeration sort of way, or a know it all sort of way, it is curiously a genuinely misinformed about many, many things sort of way. Every night he has something to talk about that is false. Itís intriguing.

In my bitter pill and unventilated state I was filled with dislike for my fellow man and thus noticed that many gamblers are ugly. The dealers are not. My co-workers are not. Iím a fucking babe-ilicious sUPeR-HoTtiE, as we know. The gamblers, though, are way below average looking in general, with few exceptions. Itís like the DMV.


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