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8:34 a.m. - 2005-10-23
They dance the way we were told too!
I used to really didnít like the fact that if you challenged somebody to walk like a robot they invariably did the stiff arms, rock back and forth like the rusty tin man routine. It was bogus Hollywood tripe that had been instilled in our minds via brainwashing cartoons and Buck Rogers and whatnot. Nobody had ever seen a real walking robot because mankind had yet to develope the technology to engineer and create one. For all we knew a robot walked smooth and fluid like the pink panther, or with a little bounce, or an effin gangsta leanÖthe point is we didnít yet know but had all been duped into thinking that we did. Fucking media.

But I recently saw some video footage of walking robots developed in Japan, and Iíll be damned if they donít kinda walk that way after all. So for all of the people who I blew my stack at and relentlessly badgered until they admitted my theory was correct...heh, heh. Ooops.

I had a little case of the avian pox in my throat the past couple of days. Didnít like it. It coincided with my first two days off in a row in months so I got to spend them in bed thinking and snoozing and shedding infectious viral bits by my lonesome. During this bed rest I came to realize that as much as Iíd like to fight my landlord, I also might like to move away from a couple of use my shit without askiní, every single last beer that I bring in the house drinkiní, think that 50 cent is a good role model for inner city youth blabberiní, and Paris Hilton too for that matter idioticiní, having a conversation with is like talking to a four year old about their teddy bearís invisible friendís uncles favorite thing about choo-choo train shoot myself in the headiní roommates.

I have a bunch of roommates I havenít updated on in these pages. One is a beautiful 5í11 black actress. The other is a body piercer who boasts many modifications and tats. She is super sweet and cool. The third is Miguel, my long time friend/ward.

Enough about that now.

We donít have to wear ties at work anymore. I still do though. My reasons are three fold. One) I bought a bunch of sick ass ties because we used to hafta wear them and I donít want to leave them hanging idle in my closet. B) I look like ten hundred thousand dollars ($1,000,000) in a tie which lends me sex appeal, class and authority. III) I have never had a job where I needed to wear a tie before having been a little hammer ape for most of my adult life, so the novelty still outweighs the pain in the ass most others seem to get out of the experience.

Plus Iím a nerd


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