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11:50 a.m. - 2006-06-21
Who am I kidding, I just want an excuse to wear leg-warmers and wrist bands.
The biggest problem with being unemployed again is the weight it takes away from my opinions on any to everything.

And the lack of income.

I got fired. I wonít go into the details too much except to say all persecution complexes aside; it was not right at all. But all irresponsibility and immaturity aside, who gives a fuck, naímean?

A sad factor in THIS period of transition is that my friends had all finally caught up to me in the old real world, thus passing me by as I now falter. This leaves me with nobody to convince to join me in my H. Alger plans. For example, I canít rightly start a fitness club in the park without Curtis to teach Pilates, Miguel to head up the step aerobics, A-dogís "Know Yoga-Know Peace" segment etc. Sure my Jazzercise class is stand alone, but itís a changing market out there in the fitness industry. Cut-throat. If nobody has your back you may as well be teaching deep-knee bends and jumping jacks.


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