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6:22 p.m. - 2007-03-05
Not you though.

OMG. I'm fucking back, eff word and all. I still think working is for saps, I still know everything, I still will prolly not update enough to matter a lick, but I"m back none the less.

First point of interest. People are as dumb as ever. I overheard a guy outside my window pose to his (hopefully) drunken buddy the following question. "You know what the biggest star on planet earth is?"
Before his (hopefully) drunken buddy could answer he exclaimed with great, I mean GREAT enthusiasm, "THE SUN!"
I guess I only hope his buddy was drunken for the added chance it would give to him being drunken also.


If I'm ever that dumb when I'm drunk or sober or high or fucking senile, well, cut me off or give me a drink or set up an intervention on A&E or put me in a home or something.

Nuthin much else to start with except I actually hate a couple people these days. Not like Bush, or Bin Laden or the guy who designed that cabinet I always bump my fucking head on...real people! People I know or used to know! Fuck 'em! Na' mean?

Damn. I'm bored already.


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