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5:50 p.m. - 2001-09-20
Normalcy. Everyone returning to normalcy. Now we get to sit back and watch people twist and mash this event into a soapbox for their cause, the same cause they were no doubt pushing on Sept. 10. The peaceniks get to scream that we reap what we sew. The right wing zealots get to blame Clinton for cutting military spending. The borderline, and flat out, racists get to blame imigration and the ACLU. The ACLU gets to blame anyone who disagrees with any of their ideas. The advertisers get to use peoples fear and sorrow to sell their wares.

I'm so tired of being manipulated to think or do things. I am so tired of manipulating people to think or do things. Today, I'm not buying any of it. Today I'm not selling any either. All exits and entrances in my fragile, spongy nerve center called a brain have been blocked tempararily for security reasons. Ima see how long I can go before the endless bullshit river disolves my new levy, and wisks it away with its relentless current.

Whoops, there it goes. Gone before it ever existed...

The next time I am shocked at the way people act I'm going to laugh at what a ridiculous little fool I am. If I pretend to be suprised, I'm acting. If I really am suprised I'm insane. I read somewhere that the definition of insanity is doing things the same way over and over and expecting a different result.

I heard a Republican representative from Louisiana quoted as saying, "If you are wearing a diaper on your head, you're going to get interegated". Haha. Yep. I'm a little fool.

I heard a talk show host on the radio say that the terrorists hate America, they hate everything we stand for, they hate all our people, and their objective is to scare us into giving up our freedom, our way of life, and force us to live the way that they do. I'm not so sure that's their objective, but I'm sure glad they've yet to get around to interfering with my right to turn the fucking station.

I want to go back to before this happened. I want to be concerned with what J-Lo is gonna wear to show off her (ass) talent on MTV. I want to be incredibly concerned with genetic engineering, and the dotcom bust, and whether hip hop will ever produce a worthwhile talent again. I want to just have a nagging FEELING that a complete buffoon was elected president. I want to hear reports that it's only a matter of time before there is a large scale terrorist attack on U.S. soil and only think "man, that would suck."

I want to be an ignorant, consuming, self important, american capitolist pig. Hey, but as long as I'm wishing I want X-Ray vision too. Oh yeah, and world peace. The end of P-Diddys career and world peace. And some money...

Hooray for normalcy!!

I didn't do nothin' to nobody, officer!


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