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6:50 p.m. - 2002-04-30
Snotty fucking bosses...
You know, letís just make it a rule here and now. If you see somebody with their fly down, a booger hanging out of their nose, a piece of bean stuck on their tooth, toilet paper trailing from their foot, gum on their ass, a smudge of schmutz on their cheek, or any other embarrassing thing that we all know about, just tell them for the love of god.

Donít you like to be told? I, myself personally would rather go through the embarrassment of having to say, ďdid I get it? How about now? How about now? How about nÖĒ for five full minutes than get home and look in the mirror to find that I have cue chalk from the pool hall all over my damn eyebrow.

Thatís it. That is how it will be in society from this fucking moment forward. Spread it. If you see a stranger with a booger you just look him dead in the eye and go ďSay like this here,Ē *wipe-wipe*.

At least do it for me okay, Iím a short man. I am tired of looking up peopleís nostrils and seeing a little flag blowing in the wind, and I refuse to take on the entire burden myself.

In other news, I donít like working still. My latest field test results reveal that it is still strictly for saps. Fucking employers, hogging all the damn paychecks and doling them out slowly, I see your trick. Just give all to them to me now, Iíll keep coming in, I swear.

On second thought, let the bosses find their own boogers.


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