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9:10 p.m. - 2002-05-09
Fuck every single one of you who called me a liar in my guest book. Here’s the proof!

Also, I have an appointment to get my hair shortened tomorrow, for springtime and what have you.

Now in regards to yesterdays entry regarding the person who regarded the movie Super Troopers as a master piece, so much so that he was compelled to, as the French would say, regard it deux times, I must admit that I never had the pleasure myself.

That said, I was inclined to do a little research on it before besmirching its name in public. Research right here in good ol’ diaryland.

See what I did was go over to the members directory area and see who, if any, listed the film as a favorite. It turns out that there are twenty-six big huge fans of Super Troopers. Just to give equal time to the fans, I will post some of the comments, unretouched.

Pikaluu says:

“ Haha...the Highway Patrol Kicks Major Ass!!!!”

blast0247 says:

“a funny movie Blake and Adam just saw 4 days ago”

serphim101 liked it!

“I choked on a cinamon heart laughing so hard. Lol”

and incidentally also liked “Chich and Chang” The review?

"It is funny in so many ways *A Classic* My favourate part was when the truck that was made all of weed cought on fire and everyone got stoned who was around it. He he he”

But the one that may just have turned me all around on the subject is bomboarder84 with this raving endorsement:

“FUNNY movie! ahh but i saw it with ADAM..bOoOo! lol well this movie is AWSOME”

I mean seriously, if it can be enjoyed even if you see it with that motherfuckin’ ADAM, it has to be worth the $9.50.

Yet it can never hold a candle to Operation Dumbo Drop, which I reviewed personally in the guest book of one scanzilla just days ago.

Heckafresh says:

"Hey Scantastic! Ever see Operation Dumbo Drop? S'tha'bomb,yo. You know what the best part is, well my favorite part at least? When they drop the elephant! I was all, "Daaaamn, you see that shit yo? They dropped that motherfucker yo! They Dropped him! They straight dropped him, yo! Like that! I didn't know they got down like that! Dropped-dru-dru-dru-dropped him! Like what?! Je-eah! Dumbo in tha house like what?" Great film."

PS Hair cut day tomorrow.


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