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6:55 p.m. - 2002-05-21
Oh boy. Here we go.

More than just my template and title change, compliments of the brimming talent of the sweet and brilliant Octobergirl are in the works.

Much more.

Tomorrow I face the boss, and let him know that Iím leaving his grasp to pursue things outside of his grasp, the least of which is not being out of his grasp. I just hope he can grasp it. He is not going to like it, and frankly I donít think I will too much either. I am planning on starting off by taking his leverage away from him, the leverage that comes in the form of being intimidating with his grasp, and letting him know that when I am ungraspable I am no joke. This is a perilous undertaking as I really am no joke when Iím no joke, and I donít want to be too jokeless as it wouldnít be funny.

Basically, I have no patience for putting up with other peopleís unreasonable expectations right now, and in the theory of overcompensation I may just over state this fact to no good result. I donít know what is going to happen, but I do know that if I donít tackle it now the results will be tackling it when I am less prepared and likely less composed.

Plus I donít like it there. Iím stuck all by me lonesome in the back, windowless office too much, and the loneliness is not very conducive to my well being at the moment.

So, we will see. He might get two weeks notice, or I might walk out, or he might tell me to get out, or I might chicken out. Something involving out, that is certain.

I donít regret anything though, cept for when I saw that old guy on the bus wearing a mesh-back ďCoke Is It!Ē hat that time and didnít buy it off of him on the spot. The thing about that though is that he probably wore it every single day since he won it in the under the cap contest and it was doubtlessly funky beyond freshening. Still though. Learn from me children, donít make the same mistakes I have made, or learn for yourselves and deal with the pain. I donít care.

It is my momís birthday today. We are going to the restaurant where my wee sis Kaffer works, and where yours truly made his Bar Baboon debut. I plan to ask for my old wine by the glass sales position and who knows? IRregardless, food will be eaten, and beverage will be partaken of and wee sissí will be teased, good times guaranteed.

Iím not fond of feeling like shit, but Iím beginning to think that I had better start looking for the nice parts of it since it seems to be fond of me. Maybe.

Anyone got any tips? Or a stinky old hat?


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