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11:19 p.m. - 2002-06-25
The drunks are taking only a temporary vacation, at least until Bianca brings her gun over here.
Ah ha!

There is an establishment across the street from this very apartment that sells the liquor type beverages and drunkens up all the white trash for miles around so as they will be better suited to yell at each other outside my window every morning at 2am. The things they like to announce to me in my half dream state vary from ten minute threats of stabbing one another to my favorite fucking piece of shit loud mouth asshole gentleman who yells almost weekly the ever intimidating ďI WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!? I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!! NEXT TIME YOU WILL NEVER WALK AWAY!!Ē which when hollered like a professional wrestler is akin to being woken by the soothing song of a brook in the woods.

IRregardless, last night the liquor sponges decided to discuss their after party out on the street, and they were kind enough to let the whole neighborhood in on the plan through a what could only be described as masterful enunciation. This prompted a neighbor to suggest that they shut the fuck up, and maybe that they had something in common with olí Oedipus. Surprisingly they didnít take kindly to either idea, and remarked that it might be he himself that needed to heed his advice and seek help for his incestuous tendencies. Then they celebrated their Freudian diagnosis by honking their Camero horn non-stop for five minutes. This is why I am for gun control. I would be huddled in a corner waiting to be traded for a pack of cigarettes in San Quentin had I been unlucky enough to be within grasp of a firearm and bullets.

But, the end of this story is a semi-happy one my friends. The bar is being shut down for two months due to some infraction of the drug code involving a bar tender who sold some manner of narcotic that was not the legally accepted variety to an undercover narc ass pig. I dislike the narc ass pigs for many reasons, but in this unusual case it has more to do with the fact that he took a dealer off of the streets yet this one dealing his poison to the fucking shit fuck motherfucker fuck fucks who wonít shut the fuck up and are at this very moment being very loud indeed.

So yes, after tomorrow night I get a full two months without the people in question shittying up my neighborhood (the fucks Iím talking about now), but my hopes of them overdosing are lowered because their crank dealer is in jail.

Well, I guess you gots to look on the bright side sometimes.


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