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5:53 p.m. - 2002-07-30
Free Doug E. Fresh! And let Slick Rick out of jail.
Today began the planning phase of the dressing room for Big Daddy Kane. It has been planned. Some purchasing was accomplished as well, leaving the put to-motherfucking-gethering for tomorrow. I also was commissioned to build an extry section of stage for BDK to walk around on while he spits old school lyrics and what not. These two hands will touch something that Big Daddy Kane will step all over!

I never wash my hands anyway so there is nothing to do about it.

I also will be seeing Doug E. Fresh tonight for free! It was supposed to be him AND Slick Rick, but Slick Rick is in jail waiting to be deported by the man in a blatant attempt to destroy the roots of hip-hop so that one day only Nelly and Puffy will be remembered as examples of what the culture is really about. It is all a capitalist ploy to pipe a message of evil commercial globalization through what was once a music full of political activism and gold. Now itís all money and platinum.

I saw many things that amused me today, a 6í4Ē 300 lb black dude standing with a woman who had to be his grandma and holding a bird cage with a canary in it. A homeless guy ask a homeless woman for change. But the cake was taken within the walls of a construction supply house that I have not patroned for well over two years.

I stepped inside and immediately heard my name bellowed by a familiar voice. Matt the counter guy who for some reason took a shine to me five years ago when I started working as a carpenter. He, in his spun fashion, took me under his wing back then and also took it upon himself to remember every detail of my life. Today he asked me about my old roommate and his lack of respect for my groceries, my old girlfriend and her nationality, all aspects of the company I used to work for, and inquired as to how far I had gotten with my new girlfriend.

He approved.

I donít know if he does all of the narcotic that his demeanor suggests, but his heart must beat twice as fast as most folks.

Anyway, old school all around.


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