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12:59 p.m. - 2002-08-11
As you would imagine.
Iíve mentioned stinging jellyfish, and peeing, now itís time to tie it all together.

Fishing is rough on the hands. Aside from handling saltwater soaked rope and tons of sharp sea creatures, the chemical I also mentioned previous conspire to make callouses that a shelled beast would be envious of. This added up to decreased sensitivity and snagged stockings, were you lucky enough to have a girl wearing them get past the smell of the fisherman and close enough for you to run your hands along them.

That is another story though, back to the lack of feeling part.

Red jellyfish are an invertebrate that float along the surface of the water and get caught in the traps as they are pulled from the sea. They take on the appearance of bright red spaghetti strands, and while they are not the worst of the venomous animals we would encounter, they cause unpleasantness to the skin to be sure.

One of the things that a rookie doesnít realize, and the vets take great pleasure in not disclosing, is that if you come in contact with the flesh of a red jellyfish, the ill effects can and will be transferred from contact point to wherever contact point makes further contact. When one had hands that are roughly as sensitive as the skipper was to environmental issues (he had a bumper sticker on his truck that read ďearth first; will log other planets laterĒ) you could carry the stinging substance for a great while without your knowledge. A great, horrible indicator would be when you touched more sensitive bits of yourself, say in response to a full bladder.

Red jellyfish on the penis is not fun. It is like a sharper burning version of the jalapeno pepper. I didnít care for it at all.

Not at all.


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