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4:10 a.m. - 2002-08-18
A review was not necessary, but I'm too tired to write any more.
Word of advice to girls who want to get free drinks by pretending that it is your birthday: Know if your real zodiac sign is not the one that corresponds with todayís date. There are only twelve of them, it isnít that hard. Know that just because you call the bartender ďbabyĒ a lot, it doesnít make your story any more believable because birthday girls donít say ďbabyĒ more or less than anyone else. Know what todayís date is, since it is supposed to be your birthday, stupid.

Iím tired. I had fun tonight, but fuck, Iím tired. I like working on hip-hop night, butÖ

Drunk people are stupid. Hip-hop fans donít tip very well. Walking with a tub of ice through a crowded dance floor is harder even than walking through a dance floor when you are not carrying a tub of ice.

Someone barfed near my bar. I donít have to clean it up, Iím glad to note, when that happens.

Iím really glad for this. Barf smells bad. And honestly, the less I have to do with it the better I feel about it.

To review, drunk people are stupid, you are not a Pisces if today is your birthday, carrying large objects makes negotiating your way through a crowd more difficult,I donít have to clean up barf when it happens which is good because I donít care for the smell of it.


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