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3:18 p.m. - 2002-08-21
Heckafresh Inc. assumes no responsibilty for anything. The views that are expressed imply no guarentees, and I have no idea how big his penis is.
Blah, blah, blah. Iím so filled with love.

Aaron is one of my best friends. He fits into that corny ďfamilyĒ category that everyone is always trying to say that their friends fit into. This is what he looked like in the fourth grade.

I have wasted hundreds of cubic feet of breath trying to convince him to grow the fro back, and as is his fashion he has committed to it and changed his mind many times.

Iíve known this motherfucker for 15 years. I met him on my first day of high school where we shared our first period, both of us not knowing another soul in the school. When we gave our shy introductions to the class, including where we went to middle school, he stated that he went to the same school that my lil brother Matty Poo was attending. I took this as an opening to create a bond between outsiders. He had a broken leg and was walking on crutches, and as we shared the next period together as well, I was commissioned to carry his stupid 49er duffle bag for him as he limped his sorry ass along. I tried to strike up a conversation with him and was quickly introduced to what a punk he is.

Anyway, four more years of being at the most boring high school in San Francisco brought us closer and past his punk factor, and soon we were going on shop lifting sprees at Disney Land, the easiest place on earth to steal from.

He was my first roommate, along with Curtis who I met at the same time, and we have been friends that know that we can depend on each other for almost ever it seems like. Just yesterday he lent me his car with no hesitation, and even though it is the same Dodge colt that he has owned for most of the time I have known him, and even though I have to climb through the hatch back to enter it, it played an important part for me getting the job yesterday. Here he is with his ex girlfriend who has done her womanly worst to destroy him.

People are often attracted to my group. We are much closer than most I think. There is really nothing they donít know about me, now that I cleared up the last stupid lie that I have been telling them. We appreciate what we are so lucky to have in each other.

If I ever got arrested I could call any of these guys and know that I would be bailed out no matter what it took.

A-dog is a great friend. Well loved by everyone. Funny as hell. And the only guy I know who used to wear his Yamika cocked to the side back in the day.

As pimpish as he looks, I am in fact trying to whore him out now. Qualified applicants need be interested slightly, and female. If that. Look how cute he was, for the love of god.


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