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11:44 a.m. - 2003-04-12
Eli breaks his seal! YAY!!—ow. My head. Quit yelling.
Guess how old I am!

Right! 28 years of age!

Guess what happened to me last night for the first time in my life!

Right! I threw up from drinking alcy-hol!

See, it all started when the bartender at the club where I occasionally work was talking about how they needed a shot. I asked for one too. Then they decided to teach me to ask for a shot and would pour me one every time a group of people who came to the bar took one together.

It seemed okay. Getting paid to get drunk is kind of a keen situation to be in.

I lost count at eleven. I called my roommate A-dog up to retrieve me after work, so I didn’t feel the need to count.

IRregardless to the fact, I am also a lightweight. Actually, I guess that is in fact in regards to the story. I seldom drink, and never have been “drunk off my ass” before. I got drunk off my ass. Then I finished working. Then A-dog came to pick me up just in time to see me barf!

The best part is, as a usually sober observer of my idiot friends and their drunkenness, I was finally able to turn the tables on them and wake them all up with blathering and shit talking and all sorts of annoying to sober folks behavior.

Miguel didn’t like it.

Curty didn’t like it.

But I sure did!

Mark it down on your calendar folks. Eli barfed!


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