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7:06 p.m. - 2003-04-21
Still love it though.
Today is Bean comes home day. Fuck yeah!

It was also the day that I started with the new and improved schedule. I kicked motherfucking ass. The sad part is I found out that I inherited the new and improved schedule from another installer who was canned this morning. I feel horrible about it. I worked with him a few times and he seemed like good people, not to mention the fact that he just bought a $35,000 truck. I am not sure of the particulars behind the whole thing, but rumor has it that he took a couple of doors from the warehouse and was caught on film in the act. I donít know.

IRregardless, the fact remains that I liked him and his loss has become my gain. That is like drinking a warm coke on a hot day. It hits the spot all right, but itís not as good as it should be.

I am a thirsty lilí motherfucker though.

Sometimes being small comes in handy. Today, for instance, I had to crawl on my belly, yes, like a reptile, under yon house to run wires for a switch and light. The clearance was maybe a foot and a half, but a little bloke like me negotiated the space as if it was not a damn thing to me. It was a damned thing though, because the place was fucking crawling with black widows and laden with the afore mentionís webs.

Sometimes being small sucks a fucking dick. Like when I was in high school and got mugged over a dozen times.

Or, I guess, when it defacto elects you to crawl around on your belly with a bunch of poisonous spiders and shit.

Ah well, happy Bean comes home day to you and yours.


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