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10:35 p.m. - 2003-04-27
Anyone want to buy sonoma? It'll teach you to enjoy the simple things in life, ie the view from the bay bridge.
There are a few places in the bay area that I do not want to stall in my motor vehicle. The top of that list is the middle of the span on the Bay Bridge during Friday afternoon rush hour.

Just let that marinate whilst I tell the tale of ol’ purply.

She’s a good ol truck. A GMC Sonoma purchased five years ago next month when I started working in the carpentry trades here in San Francisco. She earned her name, ol purply, because as you can imagine she is painted a deep purple. This has gain me the attention of male suitors at the lumber yard, as well as the chance to overhear a five year old little girl beg her mother to “look at the pretty truck!” as they strolled by my jobsite.

All that said, she has been a work horse, not caring as I loaded her too full of broken stucco and other heavy debris, not caring as I never lifted a finger to fix a dent in her body or even wash her up every now and then, not caring as I spoke of how little I liked her while she was in easy earshot. But apparently she decided that all the talk of buying a new truck now, and the constant addition of the word “improved” to that statement was too much for her to bear, and she opted to teach me a lesson.

A lesson in the form of having her alternator kick out on my way home, and the battery follow suit as I reached the very center of the first west bound span of the bay bridge.

You learned me good ol purply. Now If I could just find a sweet cliff to roll you off and put you out to pasture once and for good.

Tomorrow I take delivery of my 2003 Chevy Silverado extended cab with 8’ bed. Tomorrow I return the U-haul rental I need to use on my last day before picking up my new truck. My new truck is beautiful. My new truck is way too much money. And my new truck is definitely not purple. Dark carbon metallic gray, they call it. I call it midnight ball and chain, to signify my indentured servititude that can barely fit in her cargo area.

Eli’s future is set in car dealer legalese my friends.


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