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12:58 a.m. - 2004-04-03
And also, is my landlord right that all notice is final, even if ghosts are involved?
Okay, enough of this bullshit. I am not crazy, (or delusional type crazy anyway), I am not a spiritual kook, hell, Iím a Leo, and everyone knows Leos donít even believe in horoscopes, but what I am about to tell you in the paragraph beneath this run-on sentence is the damned truth.

I think my fucking bedroom is haunted.

Yes haunted! Scooby Doo style motherfucking haunted with ghosts and shit.

For the past few months I have been woken up by strange banging, my bed vibrating, someone whisper shouting my name, and most recently what felt like a hand clasping my wrist. The wacked thing is that in my state of half-sleep I donít even have the wherewithal to be scared and skeedadle, so I just roll over and get more snoozing done.

Now again, I never really believed in ghosts, but come on, what else could it be?

I know what you are thinking; itís probably my new landlord trying to run me out of the apartment so he can raise the rent.

Well, I thought of that, and just to check I gave my one month notice to him last week to see if the haunting stopped. It didnít even slow down, pal. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can either get rid of these ghosts, or make myself rich off of them, please let me know, I have almost another three weeks before I have to move now.


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