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9:36 p.m. - 2001-10-12
Where Blame Is Due
I worked again today. That makes two in the last twenty nine. Somehow I am still managing to survive.

I think Jane finally gave me her case of the flu. Fuck.

That sucks not only because we have already determined that it is not anthrax and thus cut down significantly on the sympathy I could have mustered, but also because I am planning to re-join the UN-virtual world tomorrow with a trip. One of my friends is getting married soon and has rented a house boat on a lake.

It should be cool, the weather is supposed to be hot and beautiful~~

I just heard the channel 2 news brief announce that more anthrax cases have been contracted through the mail. They won't tell us the signs of a dangerous letter until ten though. Too bad for all you early to bed, early to rise folks.

~~Anyway back to my trip, there are supposed to be about ten people there. All male. I have fallen way out of practice when it comes to kickin' it wit' da fella's. In fact, this will only be my second night not sleeping with Jane at my side in well over ten months.

Is that "Awwwwww!" you just uttered a "that's so sweet!" kind of noise, or a "my god your whipped boy" exclamation of disgust? Either/or- I don't like it.

I am looking forward to some testosterone fueled shit talking, card playing and alcoholic beverage consuming. Jane is planning to go to a belly dancing festival tomorrow, so I need not concern myself with her lacking entertainment in the absence of me and my shenanigans to brighten her day. I'm sure that she will suffer terribly once night falls though, and the void that replaces my jovial charm develops, but she can always re-read my diary over and over again into the wee hours of the morning, or stare at our portrait. I often come home to catch her gazing intently at one photo in which I look particularly hot. She claims it is the T.V. upon which it sits that has her attention, but she's soOOo transparent.

I was listening to talk radio again at work. It seems that depending on what show you listen to, anyone could be responsible for the recent attacks. Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Sadam Hussein, Bush senior or junior, capitalism, globalization, loose borders and America's P.C. madness… the list goes on and on.

I think there is one person that has somehow been overlooked in this discussion though, and I for one am disgusted that he is not being held responsible for his role in this mess. I have no idea who is behind the deafening silence on this subject. I could only begin to speculate on how far up the conspiracy to hush hush his name goes, although I'd wager right to the top.

I think it is important to consider this man's obvious responsibility. I will not go into any deep explanation, the connection is as plain as day, just revealing his name should make all the pieces fall into place and show us where we must squarely place the blame.

The man?

Orville Wright.

"…something in your house may be killing you! Details at Eleven…"

Note to future flu victims- Here's another freebee, sneezing on yer 'puter monitor makes all kinda cool rainbows! Enjoy!


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