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7:34 p.m. - 2002-03-05
I hate my new guestbook though.
Liking my new job this much has spun me into a creative void. I really have nothing to say about it that will create any kind of mirth for anyone. I have never been this dedicated to a job before in my life, not a legal one anyway.

I also love my new computer. Yes love. I believe in love again now that I have this new computer. I wish my new job would start to torment me and give me reason to vent my frustrations just so I would have an excuse to smash my old computer to bits in a useless fit of rage.

I think I might start driving around with Oldy and wait for somebody to cut me off on the Bay Bridge so I can get out of my truck, heave the gray boxy bastard off into the water and get arrested as a terrorist.

Or maybe Iíll give it to the cutter-offer as a gift.


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