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9:42 p.m. - 2002-03-12
Gold membership.
Having a meeting with my boss is like swimming across a lake.

You prepare for hours for the event and then just hope that when you are in the water you remember to breath and paddle and that your training kicks in and gets you to the other side.

The whole company is run from the perspective of his brain and the key is to get yourself ready to enter that brain and feed the appetites within as efficiently as possible, making sure to pull out the information you need without getting bitten in the process.

It is very stressful, but the challenge of working within another’s psychology is very appealing to me. I want to master the system, learn the caves and tunnels of his thinkpiece so that I can move more freely inside of it and start to use my own processes again too.

I was cleaning up and I found this prom picture. It was taken ten years ago.

I am still very close with four of these guys. By close I mean I see them at very least once a week, and on the average about four or five times. Two of them, the one in the back right hand corner being the infamous Curty of jack-o’-lantern prophesy fame and the one to my right on the bottom left, Miguel, my oldest SF friend, live right across the stairwell from me.

I have lived in different cities, in a different country, for years at a time and have never gained a relationship that even touches on the level of the ones I have with each of these guys individually. I have gone months without spending time with them, years without even seeing them, yet my place is always there. Always.

We have found several others during the last fourteen years; over half of our lives, who are as important to the group, and we never take it for granted that we have each other.

But really, it is one of the few things in my life that is granted.

We’re like a gang without the crack.

Well, without the selling crack.


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