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6:31 p.m. - 2002-06-12
Yeah I'm a dork. Get with the program.
My friend Curtis went under the knife yesterday. Torn ACL.

They took out his old ripped up one and replaced it with a synthetic substitute, steel he claims. I, myself, personally would have sprung for the bionic knee package, but he is too lazy to shoulder the responsibility of crime fighting at night and such. Pfft.

When I was a pup, I had a dream where I fell off the stage during a school assembly performance of the Smurfs at X-Mass and had to have my legs replaced with new robotic super legs. Back then the best use I could imagine for them was winning all of the track meets and being the hero of the school district. Now I have much bigger plans.

Super hero, of course, but I'd be a dirty super hero. I'd chase the masked robber down an ally and give him a sonic chop to the neck piece, as expected, but then, instead of notifying the local authorities I'd jam the bag of jewels with the big dollar sign on it down the front of my tights and promise to kill his whole family if he ever breathed a word of it. Then I'd give him my direct number and let him know in no uncertain terms that we were partners from now on.


Also, my computer is still fucked. I actually went out side today. It's bright out there, and did you know that McDonalds is serving dippin' dots now? That's the ice-cream of the future for the love of Pete! Dang things have changed a lot. I only had the ice-cream of the present or old fashion ice-cream to choose from when I was a lil' punk. Technology is spoiling kids rotten.

The future is here at last.


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