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3:56 a.m. - 2002-06-15
Killing folks is too worky for me.
I met my third diarylander in the flesh today, young Rach of lucky-starz dot fame. She is the third person I have sat face to face with whose existence was first brought to my attention through this internet community, then moved on to phone communications, then came into contact with by planning on being at the same place at the same time. She is my internet little sister. She is also the third person that I have met through the internet that I didnít kill or get killed by. That is three for three.

We went downtown and looked at folks, drank hot beverages, talked about our respective potential love interests, talked about other shit, and dropped in on the fancy rich people restaurant to see if I really am being irresponsible by not looking for gainful employ via pounding the pavement as my dad likes to put it. My wee sis Kaffer was on staff, and I got to hug her in what had grown to be way too long a time. I also saw my old co-workers and was re-energized with the notion of trading services for a paycheck, no matter how sap oriented the idea is. They want me back and I want to go back. This is good because I need to work and it facilitates me being lazy and not looking elsewhere in earnest.

I look out for the world by not killing people I meet from the internet, and it looks out for me, baby.

We then partook of rented videocassette watching and photo leafing. It was altogether enjoyable.

Plus Iím eating oatmeal.

The other day I was getting ready to enjoy my second English muffin with the jam left to me by me mum, when I noticed that the muffin in question was spotted with green specks of mold growth. For those of you paying attention you see the stomach turning revelation that transpired directly. It was the second English muffin I was about to enjoy. I quickly rifled through the rest of the pack that was purchased that very morn incidentally, and found that every single one of them was infested with the fungi. Not ever claiming to be a math genius (note the specific use of math prefixed) I was still able to do quick calculations that added up to me having eaten mold just minutes previous.

I donít care for that.

I have no money. Iíve bought nothing recently save bacteria cultures posing as breakfast food. And baby sized sandwiches.


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