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7:31 p.m. - 2002-07-19
Best believe I'll rock a comb-over one day.
I used to wonder how they did it. Those kind old gents who always seem to be happy and are well liked by everyone. Their disposition never changing and their smile seldom waning. Folks always glad to see them and never failing to utter a good word about them as they walk away.

I think I should start wondering about that shit again, maybe a few more years of it, the wondering that is, will reveal the secret behind it all.

I was reminded today of a young man of acquaintance to my wee sis Kaffer back in Victoria Canada who, for reasons not explained by himself, decided to shave his head in the classic male pattern baldness style and grow an obvious comb-over even though his hair line was not receding in the least by genetically triggered over production of hormone. This action was explained by many other people, most of them concurring that it was because he is a freak, but I always wondered what the less broad factors might have been.

Anyway, I think the main reason it made so many people uncomfortable is because he was throwing a rotten tomato at the things we all take so seriously, like our fucking hair. I think he was right, if I am right in my interpretation of his message. Itís all a big joke stupid. Your dumb ass hair is just as funny, stupid. Thatís how I read it.

Or maybe heís just a freak.


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