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10:27 p.m. - 2002-08-14
I love with fucking abandon. I donít fault those who canít, but I have to learn to stop waiting for them to.

Thatís all Iím writing about this. Thank you for all your support though, I do appreciate it.

Next topic.

I got called back for a second job interview with the CEO of the company I want to work for. It is a window replacement gig that sounds too good to be true. There is mad loot to be made, and the working conditions are incredible. I get to choose my own helper, and I am more than capable of succeeding. It is piecework meaning I get paid per window installed, and the company is way more legit than I expected. I am excited, and very confident that I am going to get it.

It has all the aspects of construction that I like, working with my hands, being outside, going from jobsite to jobsite, seeing a tangible result from a days workÖand none of the ones I didnít like, chemicals, dust and insulation, hourly wage that makes you feel like you are selling your life in 60 minute increments, heavy lifting and cramped dirty conditions that fuck with your body, staying on one job site for months on endÖ

I didnít even know that this field existed, and when I first read the add I was expecting a fly by night operation, but when I went to the office for the interview yesterday I found a beautiful building with professional, happy people inside. The boss seems great, and the set up looks to be as seamless as one could hope for in a construction outfit.

I hope I get it. The money potential is unreal as well.

Tomorrow I start the job that I was hired for last week. It is not going to be lucrative, but until I am on the payroll of the window company I am going to follow through, just in case. It is a job that is not construction related, but chances are some good diary entries will come of it. I am getting paid to go door-to-door and bug people into joining the Sierra Club so that they wonít clear-cut all the woods in California. I will be walking around a neighborhood for six hours a day and telling people all about how woods are important and we have to tell the politicians to not let them be cut down soís our grandchillens will be able to camp and fish and ride their bikes. I live in a pretty liberal area, the most liberal in the country along with New York I guess, so there will probably only be about 98% of marks who get abusive and hateful. I canít fucking wait!

Bothering people for money is almost as good as replacing windows, but in a different way. A more bothersome way.


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