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4:53 p.m. - 2002-10-23
But the \"motherfucker\"-ing and calling my readers names will be the last to go.
Jesus, I never update hardly at all anymore. The funny thing is, now that I’m all busy with life and shit I can’t think of anything interesting to say…assuming that anything I ever said was interesting.

I loaded a bunch of huge four hundred pound widows on a crane that lifted them up to the third floor of a house yesterday. I fixed a door for a man who answered my knocking with a parrot on his shoulder today. My rent check bounced. Bean made me a bunch of samosas that I et with a hearty appetite and many a happy noise. I scampered through my neighbor’s window by the use of extension ladder to rescue his car keys from his room so I could move his motherfucking car that was blocking me in today. I felt very heroic in that action, as even though the person benefiting from my dashing stunt was I, I qualify as a person too, and a true hero helps all people in trouble. That makes me a motherfucking hero, if the use of a ladder doesn’t cinch it on its own accord.

See, now the old heckafresh could have turned any of these hi-jinks into a full on entry with a weird beginning that flowed into a strange middle ended with some sort of stupid-ish punch line complete with ranting about a social issue or bad driving or a matter of great insignificance, but this entry is a totally different kind of total crap. I pulled all sorts of maneuvers and fast ones, got up to some shenanigans and buffoonery, and ate Indian food, but all you get on the monkey page is a bunch of babble that prompts nary a smile in my estimation.

Things are changing.

Live with it, ca-ca heads.


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