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5:25 p.m. - 2003-01-08
I love my new haircut though! It's sporty, to say the least. Calling my haircut sporty is an understatment.
One of my neighbors has taken to effin the hell out of his girl at 5am over the last week. They have woken me up twice so far with classic moaning and grunting. It is comical/slightly arousing/too fucking early in the damn morning. The first time I had to fight the urge to wake Bean up to listen with me, but the subsequent vocals woke her in short order anyway. When I told her that I had opted not to shake her out of her slumber she made me promise to ALWAYS wake her up it if was because there are other people having sex to listen to.

So this morning I woke her up. It wasnít as great today as last time, so to liven up the experience I suggested to bean that we race them. She declined like a fraidy cat.

Got a haircut today.

Do you ever hope that Bush doesnít get his fucking way? I donít understand why it is allowed. We have to oust Saddam because he wonít let inspectors in and could be hiding weapons like the ones we have, only much more primitive, and use them the way we have only much less effectively. So he lets in inspectors. Then we have to get him out because even though the inspectors havenít found anything, well they could soon. As each day goes by and the most powerful will in the world does everything it is able to prove that he is hiding something, while at the same time goading him into resisting, nothing surfaces. Yet is there any question this war will be fought? And when will they tell us the real reason. If it was the refusal to let inspectors in, well that has been rectified. If it was because there was certainty that weapons violations would be found, well, they were not. So what the fuck? And as far as a leader who would let his own people starve and suffer in poverty while he lives in splendor, what the fuck is going on here? Billions of dollars to go to fight a war on the other side of the world while our schools deteriorate, children starve, homicide rates in Oakland and LA are climbing back up to a rate not seen since George senior was in office and blah, blah, blah. I. Hate. Him.


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