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7:30 p.m. - 2003-07-07
A white t-shirt washed in some super form of bleach I brought from the future.
I just took a nice hot shower!

When I was just a cub, I used to daydream adventures that had me going back in time. I’d be the bell of the ball in eras where my short by today’s standards frame would have me towering over medieval knights or cavemen. Not only that, the junk in my pockets such as lighters, battery powered flashlights and whatnot would get me classified as a wizard and showered with riches.

Having just washed, as previously mentioned, I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of magic all of my fruity soaps and cleansers and deodorants would work on the ladies of yore. It would have to be an advantage to be the only one on earth with armpits that smell like “cool wave”, hair that smells like pears and ball sack that smells like vanilla…

I had a great weekend. It was the first one in a while that was free to do with what I wished, where what I wished was not to stay in bed and watch dumb shit on TV. Ol Bean and I went to Sacramento to visit her old stomping grounds, and then did a spur of the moment trip to Reno. We arrived at about midnight and gambled for a good five hours. We were both up over a hundred dollars at different points, and ended with Bean down $40, and myself, the king of gaming up $12. It was all kinds of sinful fun.

I’m not able to work sans shirt anymore due to strict company policy. This has led to tan lines of ridiculous atrociousness. Just spotted myself naked in the mirror and I look as though I am wearing a white t-shirt with nipples.


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