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12:47 a.m. - 2003-07-27
Donít listen to anything I say right now. Iím not making any of it up, but still.

Rattle snakes. They developed a rattle on their tails to shake and warn and display their temper. Well, sir, if ol mother nature had seen fit to give me a rattle on my butt youíd better believe right now Iíd be shaking my ass like a hoochie in a 2 live Crew video.

Cuz Iím mad, buster!

As it is, she only gave me a fucked up viral infection of the throat-piece recently, and I donít like it at all.

Foghorns are really romantic and quaint, unless you are trying to chase down some shuteye at round about midnight and such. Then they are just annoying.

Also annoying, Beanís new upstairs neighbor, who somehow, hands down beats her last upstairs neighbor in the motherfucking racket department even though her last upstairs neighbor practiced playing his horn daily. Yes, quite a feat.

Iíve never even seen the guy, but Iíd like to poke him right in his smug looking little nose! I almost wish heíd turn his infernal music up, because at least if it were louder I could rock out to it too, and move furniture around every night at three in the morning like the lyrics must suggest to itís stupid fans.

Okay, hereís the thing of it, yet again. Iím not buying it. Oh, Iím paying for it, Iím clearing a space in my foyer for it, Iím taking out insurance policies on it, Iím ordering accessory packages to go with itÖbut it still ainít sticking to my craw.

News is as follows:

Young Bean, despite her last posting, has turned around every poopy element on her list of complaints. She traded in deadbeat roommate, for fuzzy kitten. She went from underpaid while filling two positions at work, to well compensated for the one she wanted. She went from hating S.F. to starting to like it more, and as for her BF (yours truly) being a goddamned fool, well that only happens in spells.

I also am happier because Bean is less stressed. I like the new kitten and we are teaching each other new napping techniques. Work is getting busier and lucrativer. Etc.

Bean and I are finna go to Canada to visit my motherland, and my mother. Much needed vacation, well deserved by both of us, canít wait.

And as far as Iím concerned, everything looks bright in all areas of blah, blah fuck.

Hereís the thing of it I was eluding to earlier.

I donít buy it. The part I donít buy is the same as ever, it is the working every day so you can buy stuff so you can distract yourself from the fact that you are an idiot for working so much so that other people can get rich off of the work you do and use their money to produce products to sell to you so they can get the money that they paid you for working in the first place back.

See, also, while I was sick I stayed at Beanís house and ran outta Paxil for four days. Four days was all it took for the drug induced lies I tell myself about ďcontributing to societyĒ and ďskilled work I can be proud of that will still be around long after I blah, blah, blahÖĒ to melt away like a 20mg pill hitting the stomach acid.

Anyways I took one before I started this entry. Wahoo! Complacency, here I come again!!!!!!!


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