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11:16 a.m. - 2004-02-29
All my ex's live in diaryland
Well, yes. Bean and I have split. It just wasnít the right time, or circumstance, and thatís all I really feel the need to say about it. I think I have outgrown the need to spit out all my binness on the internet, and out of respect for Bean, Iíll let her decide how much of her binness she wants out there since I understand that respecting other people goes hand in hand with self respect.

I think we have a future of great friendship though, mainly because unlike in my last relationship, I actually like her. I am so grateful that Jane left, because if she had not, I never would have known what I can have in a relationship, or what I deserve.

Jane is still kicking around, popping her head up here and there. Adding Bean and I to her favorite list as if to say, ďlook at me! I am writing in diaryland now too. Donít return emails? Donít return calls? I will still manipulate you into think about me!Ē

Still writing about me, still the same shit, still as sick as ever. You go girl!

Since I have been single I have had all of this excess energy to put to some sort of use. I have been working a lot, I completely overhauled my whole apartment and made some art and pretty much changed the way I live at home. It was hard at first, but I seem to be fine by myself. Everyone I know is trying to set me up, but I think I am okay for a little while. Bean is such a great woman that it is going to probably be hard to find someone on her level, and I am never going to settle for less again.


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